Formula 1 attracts a lot of press and media attention. Throughout the years, Mika has been interviewed numerous times and spoken at press conferences. Some of his memorable quotes are listed below.

Mika Hakkinen

Mika talking to the press

After the 2nd round of the 1998 Season

Hakkinen: “I don’t think they can catch us! We are also going to continue working hard in all areas – engine, tires chassis, etcetera and the whole team will be working even harder, including David and me. They will get closer to us, for sure, though I don’t know how much. But unless the regulations are changed, or something like that, it will take a little miracle to catch us.”

Brazil 1998 – Post Race Interview

Interviewer: You set pole position and 10 fastest laps during the race today, was there anything else that you could have done?

Hakkinen: [pauses] No.

Audience member: Take a coffee?

Hakkinen: Yeah, probably!

Spain 1998 – Post Race Interview


Interviewer: “Mika, the perfect flags to lights victory. It looked very easy, was it?”

Hakkinen: “Oh yeah it was so easy, you can’t believe it.”

[Long pause, silence]

Hakkinen: “No it wasn’t.”


Hakkinen: “When you lead, you have to like put a double…er, er uhh concentration because you know…you just have to.”