Full nameMika Pauli Hakkinen
Date of birth28 September 1968
Place of birthVantaa, Finland
Blood typeA RH++
ResidencyMonte Carlo, Monaco
Marital statusMarried Erja Honkanen 30 May 1988, divorced 2008
Married Markéta Remešová 2017
ChildrenWith Erja: Hugo (son), Aina (daughter)
With Markéta: Lynn (daughter), Ella (daughter), Daniel (son)
FamilyHarri (father), Aila (mother), Nina (sister)

His Manager

Keke Rosberg was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 6 December 1948 and is now a Finnish citizen. He himself was a racing driver and won the Formula 1 World Championship title in 1982 with the Williams Ford team. In 1986 he retired from racing and a year later became Hakkinen’s manager. He also managed another Finnish driver J J Lehto. Subsequently, Keke’s son, Nico, became 2016 Formula 1 World Champion.

Mika Hakkinen with Keke Rosberg

Mika Hakkinen (right) with Keke Rosberg (left)

His Helmet

Mika explained how he chose his helmet’s paint scheme:
“I chose the design of my helmet when I was kart racing for the ‘Blue Rose Team’. The basic design includes the Finnish national colours and I thought that was neat. I was in the same team as the rally drivers Mika Sohlberg and Sebastian Lindholm who went for very similar helmet designs to mine.”

Mika Hakkinen's Helmet

F1 Teams Driven for

Lotus (1991-1992)
McLaren (1993-2001)

Full Biography

Christopher Hilton’s in-depth 182 page biography of Mika has far more information than it is possible to offer here. It includes interviews with Mika, details of his childhood and racing career in Finland, through his subsequent move to Britain and rise up the ranks in lower Formulas. His break into Formula 1 with the Lotus team and subsequent move to McLaren is catalogued. The fateful events at the Australian GP of 1995 are recounted, where Mika had his almost fatal accident. The amazing recovery he made and his subsequent racing successes are all catalogued in this, the best book available on Mika Hakkinen. The book offers a true insight into Mika’s personality and is highly recommended.